CCTV Systems

Our exceptional quality cameras are used to monitor property and premises.

CCTV systems (Closed Circuit Television) are becoming the most efficient tool in reducing crime as they act as a deterrent which will significantly reduce the probability of you becoming a victim of crime.

A covertly placed camera can be used to gather and record suspicious activity and evidence of a criminal nature which can assist the police in apprehending the perpetrators. It can also be a very useful tool in the protection of your family and employees.

Analogue HD:

  • An analogue HD camera is one that can record surveillance video in 1080p definition. These cameras are ideal for surveillance systems that simply need a HD video quality.
  • Standard coax cabling and DVRs can be continued to utilise with the use of the analogue HD cameras. However, a HD DVR is required for analogue cameras to operate.

Cloud Based

  • Becoming the reseller of Eagle Eye networks has enabled us to present surveillance on an innovative platform. The Eagle Eye cloud video surveillance system is a cloud-based surveillance system with the ability to view on a mobile, web browser, and a cloud recording. This is the basic version of the camera management platform.
  • The second form of cloud-based surveillance, the Eagle Eye VMS (video management system) is an advanced system that allows you to choose the preferred location of the recording. It also offers the advantage of viewing real-time videos, listening to the camera’s audio stream on a camera through a computer or other smart device, and record for a longer duration, with an ultra-high definition. The ability to change the direction the camera is facing can be done instantly through a click of a button.